Hmm. Now where was I?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the land of blog. A thing or two has happened since I was last active. Well, “active” as in writing a post. I’ve been an occasional voyeur, but I’m not counting that.

Here’s a recap of what’s happened over the last six (6??!! already?!!?) months:

  • Broke my ankle (yeah, that was fun. Had I told you yet about breaking my wrist less than two years ago? No? Well, then that makes this extra special. I’ll tell you that story sometime. But not now.)
  • My daughter graduated from high school (yay!)
  • We took a trip to France (yes, with the broken ankle. Because I couldn’t leave it at home like I wanted to. Very extra special.)
  • Our bunny died while we were away (very not so special).
  • My daughter went off to college (remember that post about the empty space at the end of the couch? Yeah. It’s there now. Except for when it’s occupied by a second cat…)
  • Yes. We adopted another cat (who, as it turns out, is the Million Dollar Cat with ongoing health issues… But she’s very sweet and I’m happy she has a home that isn’t either the not-so-great outdoors or a metal 2x2x2 cage).
  • Three deaths in my world of family and friends in the span of two short weeks.
  • SomeTHING(s) is/are living in my attic!! What the hell. (Remember last year kind of around this same time when a creature was stirring? Apparently his distant cousin(s) got the memo so they moved in to wreak havoc to pay me back for his untimely demise.) Anyway, it’s something with little claws that I can hear scurrying overhead and who likes to play croquet at night. Little bastard. Don’t worry. The handyman and exterminator have both been contacted. Eviction notice will be issued in the next day or two. Hope there isn’t an army up there. 😑
  • My “super easy” weekend painting project is now in its FIFTH WEEK (so very extra special I can hardly stand it…).

Oh, of course there’s some other random stuff, too, but these are the highlights. I won’t bore you with the lowlights because, well, with all the fun-ness in that list, who could really handle any more? Pretty exciting stuff.

So here I am, avoiding real life drama by telling stories. Some embellished. Some not. Because with the shit that happens in my life, I really don’t have to embellish it. It’s just the way it happens.

I’ve missed the clickety click of my keyboard. It’s good to be back.


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