Endangered Brown Bear, Starving…

20171124_140932…for affection.

This happy guy is looking for his next (probably not) forever home. Gently lounged with, never drooled or snotted on, he’s well-groomed and has soft, clean fur. Also, he was previously declawed before he came to live with us, so no worries of being maimed (or scratched, for that matter). Sleep in peace, knowing that your child is snuggling with this friendly, urban, vegan bear who accidentally migrated to the Midwest.

He’s hip and Smokey the Bear-friendly, having lived in a smoke-free and pet-friendly home. Although he has tried to befriend the family cat, she’s having none of it since he took over her favorite nap space, so she completely avoids him, flipping him the tail when he tries to make eye contact. He is lonely, but you would never know it. He smiles 24/7, even after having been recently abandoned.

I know what you’re thinking… When you adopt a pet, it should be a lifetime commitment. I hear you. But another, bigger, bear came to live with us not long ago. Sadly, Cocoa no longer gets the same attention he had grown accustomed to and he went into an unnatural hibernation over the summer.

We are all in agreement that he will be happier in a home where he isn’t competing for love and where he can come alive and truly be himself. No one should have to go through that humiliating experience, and you really have to give him credit for recognizing that it’s time to move on. And I love that he’s taking the high road, keeping a positive attitude and smiling, even though he is sad and hurting inside. He’s one tough bear and has a really giving nature. He’s still great for big, soft bear hugs! Gotta love his spirit.

Please consider adopting Cocoa into your family’s home before the holidays. Think of how happy you will be, knowing that you truly made a difference in saving his pride and giving new meaning to his life. And with him smiling at you every time you walk into your child’s room (or your living room – not gonna judge), how could you not love him as much, and let’s be honest, *more* than we have?

Please open your heart, and your wallet, to give Cocoa a new lease on life. He is free, because you can’t put a price on his life, but there is a $50 non-refundable re-homing fee.

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