A tug of the zipper,
stretch of the button.
My favorite pants,
apparently mauled
by the dryer.
Puzzled, I open the closet,
wipe away the dust,
and step on the scale.
There it is;
The numbers do not lie.

A cookie here,
a pastry there,
many chocolates in between.
The baking craze long over,
my hips now hang
as wide as my shoulders,
begging my pants
for forgiveness.
It is a definite ‘no.’

is a new day.
A new start.
Another beginning.
Retraining my palate and
resetting bad habits,
to reclaim
my wardrobe,
and eat
like a rabbit.

via Daily Prompt: Puzzled

Self. Destruction.

Fighting the fight
to live the American dream,
pieces of us fall at our feet
and we trample them
on our selfish quest
to achieve,
to have more,
to do more,
to be moreā€¦
To win.

Is winning
all that matters
when we are broken,
and greedy?

Are we really just afraid?
Afraid of losing,
of being conquered,
of no longer fighting?

Can we bury our weapons,
stop the angry flow
of violent words
and actions?

Is this why we came here –
to conquer peace,
to forget love,
to kill kindness,
and become more
than each other?

Truth is delivered
in action.

Is being right
the choice
over being free?

Free to choose,
free to speak,
free to live,
free to worship,
free to just be.

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